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Just your typical 20 something engineer attempting to refine her style in the confines of corporate America.
Wish List Wednesday

Currently I am obsessed with adding more neutrals (blacks, nudes, creams and greys) to my closet with fall starting to crowd over my head, some staple pieces and others some fun trendy picks that I could see myself rocking for years to come. 
  1. Nude Tanks: I have been looking to add more neutrals into my year round wardrobe especially nude and cream colored tanks and blouses. Personally I don’t know what could be sexier, easier to layer and style than nude tank tops?
  2. Coats:  I’ve been searching high and low(even under rocks) for the perfect tan faux fur coat to add to my winter wardrobe but sadly this ASOS one is sold out :( but I think the leopard print would fit perfectly with my inner yang.
  3. Dresses/Romper: Next on my lust list is to get a cute yet seductive slip dress as well as sexy romper for the fall to dress up and down as the weather (and time of day) change.  I also am still trying to get my hands on a black sweater dress to pair with a trench or some tights and boots when winter finally comes
  4. Structured Skirts:  This fall am I am bent on embracing my girly side and not let the weather be my fashion kryptonite (as it usually is when it gets cold) by adding some structured skirts that can be styled for both the office and a night out.  These grey ones seem to be calling my name for fall.

What are you lusting after?

As the weather slowly starts to cool down and the days become sadly shorter, it’s that time of the year to start re-evaluating and re-stocking my wardrobe to make sure I have the essentials and a few quirky peices to get me through the fall and winter.

Wish List
  1. Purses/Clutches: Yes guys sadly I am STILL on the hunt for the perfect leopard print clutch that is a reasonable price and I have narrowed it down to these two, plus my everyday black purse is starting to get some wear and tear so it’s time for me to get a new one to give it a rest.
  2. Sweater Dress: As the weather cools my MUST have item for this fall/winter is a chic yet cozy turtleneck sweater vest that I can dress up, down or even snuggle in bed with. The challenge here will be to find one that is flattering yet functional which is always a challenge for me.
  3. Moto Jackets: When I was younger I loved the allure and instant sexiness of a woman in a moto jacket, but since I already have 2 in classic black I thought it’d be fun to add a pop of color and introduce new fabrics to the look.
  4. Shoes: The Chelsea boot for me is a fall staple because it goes with just about everything (except a ballroom gown). I’m also looking to invest in some new leopard print loafers as mine current pair is tragically faded and needs to be replaced. Lastly some patterned slip-ons are perfect for work or long nights at the fair when your toes need to be covered but you want comfort.
  5. Jeans: When I finally detoxed my closet a couple months ago I had to say goodbye to practically ALL of my jeans because though they were in good condition they just were NOT flattering on my body at all. So for the fall I’m searching high and low for a crisp clean pair of black skinnies that will do double duty for wearing to work as well as a night on the town. Also on my list is a pair of looser white jeans with some cuts near the knee.
  6. Dresses: I want a longer slip style dress to add to my wardrobe because it would be a perfect addition for fall as it can be dressy with a leather jacket and heels or casual when paired with flannel and some boots. Another dress I’m looking at is a fall colored shift dress to wear on the weekends for a quick stroll around the farmers markets or to make an entrance during a night out. Finally I’m looking for a striped mocked neck dress in a classic silhouette because it willl be a timeless peice to add to my closet that I can wear in both the fall, spring and summer.

What’s on your wish list?